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NewCristinna MyFreeCams Private Show 30.10.2015

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NewCristinna is hot, that is unquestionable. But I honestly thought that shyness could be extended to the group show and that she would bring in a sexy, but softcore show. I was wrong. She started very slow, and now, after many true privates with NewCristinna, I know this is how she does. But not slow as in delaying the show. No way. She gets nude quite quickly. I mean, slow the way NewCristinna fucks herself. Like an erotic dance, slowly moving her hip while fingering her ass or riding a dildo. It is like you can see NewCristinna is feeling every inch of that dildo inside her. As opposed to some girls that fucks so fast that you can’t even see if she is really doing it. NewCristinna performs shows which gives you a detailed view of what is going on in a very sexy and kinky way.

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